About Us

SETforMARRIAGE.com was founded in 2007 by CEO Brad Boyd, as a solution for a friend who was ready for marriage. We felt there needed to be a better option than trudging along in bars and nightclubs or filtering through static photos on a dating website in attempt to establish a connection with someone, only to hope you have the same end goal in mind.
So we have set out to do what others won't - create an environment for like-minded individuals seeking a partner 'til death do you part. We are set for marriage.

We TRULY hope you succeed

But you might be asking...Don't MOST sites want their members to ultimately get married? The answer is no! Most sites are focused only on you as a single person. And that's really how they want you to stay - SINGLE! As soon as you enter into a serious relationship, they've lost you as a paying customer. They may brag about how many marriages they've fostered, but the accounting department considers it bad news!
We want to equip you to not only find THE ONE, we want to help prepare and support you as you spend the rest of your life with that person. When you join SETforMARRIAGE.com, we stick with you for the long haul. And we're constantly building improvements and nurturing communities on our site to prove that.

Dynamic Interaction

And our site has built-in methods for you to see their personality come out dynamically, without making a huge leap into their personal space. We call it Dynamic Interaction. It's not rocket science. Not only is this similar to how the offline world works, but it is also very similar to the way that popular social media sites work. With our built-in ability to allow members to have followers, you can interact without being exclusive. They (your followers) can see you post about the same sorts of things that you would post on sites like Facebook or Twitter.
At SETforMARRIAGE.com, we mean what we say. Marriage is awesome! We love it when marriages happen. We don't care what our account department says. We want to be known, first and foremost, as the site that is truly all about the awesomeness of marriage. If we're successful with that, the rest takes care of itself.