Integrity Vows

We at, do solemnly swear:
  • That the awesomeness of marriage is our highest priority in any and all of our site functions, messaging, features and customer service
  • To uphold the awesomeness of marriage to our various communities
  • To not sell your profiles to other dating sites (an unfortunate, yet common practice within the online dating industry)
  • To strive for the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction
  • To always be clear and up front regarding our business practices, costs, and policies
  • To always uphold the privacy of your personal information to the strictest standards using the latest and best-of-breed technologies within our reach
  • To foster a highly encouraging and positive environment
  • To provide educational, honest and though-provoking insights
  • To discourage and in necessary instances, remove any material that we deem intolerant, unhealthy or belittling
  • And to model integrity in every situation possible by doing right by you in good times and in bad, for better or worse.
This is our promise to you,
From your friends at