What We Value


This is perhaps the strongest and most foundational of our values. We want you to know just exactly how much we value the awesome institution of marriage. We are not here to make a quick buck. We know that the only way you will let us become your trusted resource for all things marriage, is if we are consistent in doing right by our members. And that means holding true to our values, and not selling out to easy profits.

Most sites are focused only on you as a single person. And that's really how they want you to stay - SINGLE! As soon as you enter into a serious relationship, they've lost you as a paying customer. They may brag about how many marriages they've fostered, but the accounting department considers it bad news!

At SETforMARRIAGE.com, we mean what we say. Marriage is awesome! We love it when marriages happen. We don't care what our account department says. We want to be known, first and foremost, as the site that is truly all about the awesomeness of marriage. And you will know it by our actions. If we're successful with that, the rest takes care of itself.


We respect all types and all nationalities. Everyone deserves a partner for life that is ready for the commitment of marriage.

We also expect the same from our SETforMARRIAGE communities. The only intolerance we show is for those that seek to belittle, or start unnecessary arguments.

We respect your intelligence level, too. We go out of our way to provide intelligent resources, and solid advice from leaders who think like we do. We don't pander, nor do the things that other sites do to make a fast buck. You'll know that we respect you and your IQ without us having to tell you.

In fact, we think you're a genius. We love it that you're here and not in a bar, or worse, faking your way through church to score your next date.


We are here to show love and encouragement. We want to help you find that person that you are seeking to spend the rest of your life with, regardless of your particular walk of life and where you're from. We feel we give you the best chance at that. Love is an active decision to put others first. And you are first in our book. We love it that you want to be a part of SETforMARRIAGE.com. We want your experience to be awesome so that your marriage is awesome.

Positivity also means fun. We have many ways for you to meet that special someone. And many more fun ways that are in the works. Dating is fun. Online dating should be way more fun than not. It shouldn't be like flipping through a book of house listings that never change. It should be energizing, dynamic, comfortable and yet, highly interactive.


Dating, Engagements and Weddings do not end our relationship with our members. We are offering as much in-depth support, community and resources post-wedding as we do pre-wedding. We don't just sign you up and turn on the auto-pilot, secretly hoping you never find "the one."

We want to help prepare and support you as you spend the rest of your life with that person. When you join SETforMARRIAGE.com, we stick with you for the long haul. And we're constantly building improvements and nurturing communities on our site to prove that.