Are you Set for Marriage?

Welcome to Set for Marriage, the dating site that is as serious about marriage as you are.

At SETforMARRIAGE, we firmly believe there is someone for everyone. We are "For Marriage" in the sense that we think everyone should be able to experience the joys that come along with finding your one true love.

App Features

We have designed an online match making experience that has one goal: connect people with the same mindset. If you have been thinking about Marriage for some time now, and feel you are just waiting to meet “the one”, then you’ve come to the right place. SetForMarriage caters to internet users looking to settle down and get married.

News Feed

Similar to other social media sites - our newsfeed lets you see and hear from many SFM members in a casual setting. So put yourself out there.


Many different search parameters. But don’t overthink it. There’s no exact science. Ask your married friends.

Likes, Winks, and Follows

Keep it casual at first. Following someone is not stalking someone. It just means they’ve caught your eye. Hopefully you’ve caught someone’s eye as well.


Just one of the many ways to interact. Ready to get a little more personal, yet still stay casual? We make it easy to have conversations without seeming like it’s such a huge step.

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Allow us to pop the question

There comes a point in everyone’s personal life when they just know that they are ready to settle down. If you have been longing for a serious commitment, join SETforMARRIAGE now. By signing up for Set For Marriage, you are able to connect with other singles who are looking for the same thing as you.

Are you Set for Marriage?

Trying to sort through hundreds of your "matches" online to find love can be hard, especially when your "matches" may not be looking for the same things you are. is the original dating site for those ready to settle down. You could say it's the dating site that's not just about dating!

Marriage is Awesome!

We take great care to ensure that those that have signed up on our site are genuinely seeking marriage and not casual dating or one-night stands. Marriage is awesome! It's in everything we do and provide. We promise!

A better way to find The One.

This site was created in the hopes that people would be able to form serious relationships that would eventually lead to marriage. This is not a "plant your flag and sit back" kind of site. Not is it filled with algorithms and formulas to do the fun stuff for you. This site is designed to allow for dynamic interaction. You know - like it is in every other area of your life.